MASTER CLASS: Building Your Braid

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by Laurie Schnebly Campbell

October 7-18, 2024
(limited to 25 people)

Prerequisite: Must have completed “Your Plot-Character-Story Braid” class final worksheet

Continuing the organizational process begun during September, this master class provides more in-depth guidance on assembling and expanding the elements of your story’s braid all the way from beginning to end. Each day’s assignment will keep you going, accomplishing more actual writing than in any usual two-week period, with one-on-one feedback every step of the way. With hands-on attention to your September braid or a new one you’ve created using those same steps, this session focuses on:

  • The balance of your three (or more) story elements
  • Where to lengthen and where to shorten the narrative
  • Increasing or reducing the levels of action and emotion
  • Scenes that keep the reader anticipating possible results
  • Your characters’ best and worst moments (or are they?)
  • Making sure your pages are staying on the right track

Laurie Schnebly Campbell ( loves it when writers like a class so much they request a more exclusive version for people who want to continue work on what they began in the original. That’s what led to the creation of this braid-a-thon, after wrapping up last year’s “Your Plot-Character-Story Braid” — it’s for those writers looking for continued support as they complete their braiding process at home.

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