CRAFT CLASS: Speaking of Dialogue

by Stephen D. Rogers

June 6-30, 2022

What’s your favorite element of the story you’re writing, and why is it dialogue?

Whether it’s witty banter or cutting remarks, whether it’s words of wooing or “we need to talk,” whether it’s someone lying or someone searching for the truth, dialogue is how most of your characters interact. You may have heard the phrase, “Say what you mean, and mean what you say.” Your most interesting characters haven’t. All your characters have something to say. Learn how to write it better.

Things covered in this class:

* How dialogue reveals and enriches character
* How settings and subcultures affect dialogue
* The difference between interviews and interrogations
* When to use subtext and internal dialogue
* How non-verbal communication often says more
* How tags and business make dialogue easier to follow
* How to handle groups of speakers

Stephen D. Rogers is the author of Shot to Death, A Dictionary of Made-Up Languages, and more than eight hundred shorter pieces. If he is sometimes referred to a man of few words, at least he knows how to make those words count, whether their purpose is to entertain, instruct, or both (as in this class).

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