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by Laurie Schnebly Campbell

November 1-12, 2021

We all know readers like getting deep into a character’s soul, and we know the way to make that happen is through Deep Point Of View. But how exactly do you present someone’s viewpoint so fully and so completely that readers will feel like they’re truly inside this person on the page? There are a surprising number of tricks for making that process easier, whether you’re creating a brand new character or intensifying one who’s already in progress, and those include:

  • Viewing the world from your character’s perspective
  • Determining which of their (billions of) thoughts need sharing
  • Knowing when to go deep and when to go deeper
  • Staying in their head through painful and frightening times
  • Keeping characters from being too similar — or too different
  • Maintaining your author perspective while in their POV

Laurie loves getting inside people’s heads, although it’d be rude to do it without their permission. But with fictional characters, anything goes! Her counseling background has given her numerous insights into not only what makes someone who they seem to be, but also how to see beyond the surface to get who they REALLY are.

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