SUPER CLASS: Discovering Story Magic

by Laura Baker
July 2-27, 2024 (held Tuesdays-Saturdays)
(limited to 30 people)

Prerequisite: come prepared with a story idea, not a finished manuscript, to use for brainstorming — and see the movie Jerry Maguire as close as possible to the beginning of class.

The acclaimed method for creating a story they can’t refuse is back. Here is the clear process to creating three-dimensional characters, sustainable conflict, and a plot that escalates to wrenching black moments. This three-step technique has been the path for many unpublished writers to finally start selling and used by bestselling authors to broaden and deepen their stories. Bring this magic to YOUR book! Receive personal attention and brainstorm on your own story with critically-acclaimed and award-winning author Laura Baker. In this class you will:

  • Learn what Inciting Incident catapults your story into compelling drama
  • Create sustainable conflict that escalates within a tight, interwoven plot
  • Use Character Flaw to compel the story
  • Brainstorm villains who provoke struggle AND insight for your protagonist
  • Use Turning Points to braid plot and character
  • Create visceral connections between plot, subplot and secondary characters
  • Broaden the scope of your story with theme
  • Hook your readers with escalating stakes and emotions

Laura has over two decades of experience as a writer, teacher, and coach. Her national award nominations include the National Reader’s Choice and the RITA, and her articles have been published in the Writer’s Digest and newsletters across the country.

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