MASTER CLASS: Cops, One-on-One

by M.A. Taylor

January 10-21, 2022

Prerequisite: Must have a story (at any stage of completion) featuring a law enforcement officer.

There’s a reason the divorce rate among law enforcement officers is so high. Most of it is due to the manner in which the officer relates to, or expresses himself to, the people in his life.  Why is the spouse the last person to know about a particularly nasty day? What makes some LEOs so unreasonable with their children? How can any LEO be friendly with a convicted pedophile? During this in-depth look at how LEOs relate to the people around them, M.A. Taylor’s lectures and scene discussions will explore:

* Personal relationships with family, friends and off-duty acquaintances
* Relationships with criminals, from informants to targets
* Working relationships with partners and supervisors
* The balance between law enforcement and non-sworn officers
* Professional relationships with other agencies and departments
* Relationships with the public and people LEOs meet through work

M.A. Taylor spent more than twenty years in law enforcement. After seven years with the California Highway Patrol (CHP), she became a Special Agent for the California Department of Justice (DOJ), spending over a decade in Narcotics…including assignment to a Federal DEA-HIDTA Task Force. Margaret’s areas of expertise range from surveillance to wiretaps to tribal gaming, sexual predators, investigations and more.

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