MASTER CLASS: Bringing Abundance Into Your Life

by Dr. Diana Stout

August 1-12, 2022
(limited to 25 people)

Prerequisite: must have acquired a free copy of the Finding Your Fire & Keeping It Hot eBook sent by the instructor when you register

Have you ever wondered how successful people find their passion? Have you ever wondered why you were born? Have you found your life’s purpose only to find yourself stuck, not sure how to start? Have you started working toward that goal only to lose the fire you aren’t sure how to get back? This class shows how to identify your true passion, light your fire with purposeful actions, use your intuitive instincts to raise your vibrational energy and manifest positive karma, and keep that fire burning despite life-altering events that threaten to put it out. You’ll learn:

  • How the unseen science of Universal Laws operates
  • Activities to help you find your true fire
  • What to do with your fire once you’ve discovered it
  • How to avoid letting your fire dim or killing it
  • Ways to safeguard and protect your fire
  • How to restore it and keep it burning bright

At one time, Diana Stout had so many passions, she couldn’t tell which was her life’s purpose, where she’d find fulfillment. Performing the activities she shares in her book, Finding Your Fire & Keeping It Hot, she found that purpose—writing. Additionally, she shares the shortcuts she wished someone could have shown her as she journeyed down that path to writing fulfillment.

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