MASTER CLASS: Homicide 101

by M.A. Taylor

January 30-February 10, 2023

Prerequisite: must be planning or writing a story that includes a homicide

All too often writers rely on television or other entertainment media for information on how cops operate during the journey of a homicide investigation, but many popular crime shows are grossly inaccurate. This class will provide participants with the nitty gritty reality, from realistic descriptions of criminal investigations to the steps it takes to become a homicide detective. M.A. Taylor will enable writers to accomplish the goal of infusing a strong and gritty sense of realism into their stories, covering topics including:

• The difference between a homicide and a murder
• What it takes to become a homicide detective
• The homicide crime scene, and just who is in charge
• What happens during a post mortem
• How the cop mindset plays into the investigation
• When the case is considered ‘closed’

M.A. Taylor spent more than twenty years in law enforcement. After seven years with the California Highway Patrol (CHP), she became a Special Agent for the California Department of Justice (DOJ), spending over a decade in Narcotics…including assignment to a Federal DEA-HIDTA Task Force. Margaret’s areas of expertise range from surveillance to wiretaps to tribal gaming, sexual predators, investigations and more.

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