by M.A. Taylor

February 5-16, 2023
(limited to 30 people)

Prerequisite: must be writing about a cop in a relationship you are willing to discuss

How do you mentally prepare yourself for rendering first aid to a person whose leg has been severed? Why is your partner coming to work drunk? Why are so many cops promiscuous? What’s the process for dealing with a dirty cop? How do you cope once you’ve taken a life? How do you look your partner’s wife in the eye and tell her he’s been shot? This class helps writers understand how a cop’s coping mechanisms play a vital role in all their relationships and their lives. You’ll learn about:

  • How disassociation becomes something cops take for granted
  • Alcohol and drug usage among law enforcement officers
  • Gallows humor and why it’s essential
  • Promiscuity and how a cop’s partner copes (or doesn’t)
  • The effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • What law enforcement officers mean by “professionalism”

M.A. Taylor spent more than twenty years in law enforcement. After seven years with the California Highway Patrol (CHP), she became a Special  Agent for the California Department of Justice (DOJ), spending over a decade in narcotics…including assignment to a federal DEA-HIDTA task force. Margaret’s areas of expertise range from surveillance to wiretaps to tribal gaming, sexual predators, investigations and more.

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