MASTER CLASS: Punctuation & Grammar Made Easy

by Dr. Diana Stout

January 8-19, 2024
(limited to 30 people)

Prerequisite:  Bring a project to class that needs editing.

Would you like grammar and punctuation to be easier, where you can become a better self-editor? Dr. Diana claims that by learning basic rules of punctuation and grammar and some bonus tips generally not found in most grammar/punctuation books, you will become a better writer. Once you understand the why behind the rules, it’s easier to remember the rules. Bring your current project’s ugly sentences, where you know something isn’t right but you’re not quite sure what’s wrong or how to fix it. In this class you will:

  • Learn the why and when behind punctuation rules.
  • Learn easy-to-remember terminology for these rules.
  • Learn punctuation and grammar errors writing programs make.
  • Learn how to spot wordiness easily.
  • Learn the no-nothing words to avoid and why.
  • Learn which words to avoid as sentence starters.
  • Learn how to create better sentence structure grammatically.
  • Leave with a simple cheat sheet to reference when writing.

Dr. Diana Stout thrives on helping writers become better writers by improving their punctuation and grammar skills. While many writers believe the rules are difficult, she shows tricks and tips contrary to that belief. Writing for over fifty years, she’s been teaching writing for over thirty. Her students have told her that she smiles when talking about writing.

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