MASTER CLASS: Using (& Avoiding) Procrastination

by Dr. Diana Stout

photo of Diana Stout

February 3-14, 2025
(limited to 25 people)

Prerequisite: Must have a project that you’ve been struggling to finish or to get started.

Do you procrastinate so much you aren’t writing at all? Would like to change your procrastination habit but don’t know where to start? Surprisingly, it’s basic biology: Humans are wired to create procrastination. To change the habit, we need to understand why we do it. We can then use old tools in new ways. This class will drag procrastination out of the shadows, expose it for what it really is, and help you overcome what we’ve come to believe is writer’s block. Topics include:

  • How, why, and when your brain creates procrastination
  • How brain waves and vibrations affect your creativity
  • How to analyze the roots of procrastination in your life
  • Why new tools and new supplies don’t eliminate procrastination
  • How to determine your focus—and why that’s important
  • How to use the power of procrastination to fuel your writing

Long before Writer Diana became Dr. Diana, she sat in front of her computer with a looming deadline…and stared at the screen. All day. The next day, too. On the third day, she said, “This is nuts!” Major research provided her the ability to overcome the problem, changing her life. Since then, Dr. Diana has been helping students and writers avoid procrastination and writer’s block. Let her help you change your life, too.

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