SPECIAL CLASS: Tick…Tick…Building Tension

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

by Laurie Schnebly Campbell
August 7-18, 2023

The ticking clock. The infamous day. The elusive stranger. The sizzling glance. The unbreakable promise. The haunting memory. The forbidden love. Tension is what keeps readers awake far too late at night, and what makes them rave about your book even before they reach the final page. How do you create that kind of tension? Think of a story you’ve already started writing, or are just beginning to plan, and see how to build…build…build….

  • When to increase the suspense and when to relax
  • Tension from plot events vs. tension from characters
  • Choosing what to reveal now, and what should wait
  • How quickly, or slowly, to keep readers turning pages
  • Recognizing what’ll most excite them about your story
  • Managing your story pacing for the best possible tension

Laurie Schnebly Campbell (www.booklaurie.com) loves it when writers rave about her classes, especially when she’s teaching one for the first time. Here’s what some have said about other classes: “Incredibly helpful.” “Definitely the best I’ve been in.” And from a latecomer “…sparked more creativity in the last three days than I think I’ve had in three months.”

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