MASTER CLASS: Turning Points

by Laura Baker
November 4-15, 2024
(limited to 30 people)

Prerequisite: Must have taken some form of Discovering Story Magic (workshop, online class, purchased a packet). For more information contact Laura at

Pivotal scenes are the very engines of your stories. Beyond turning points, we’ll look at all the pivotal scenes from inciting incident to black moment / realization at the end. Much more than just the landmarks of your story, these major scenes layer theme, compel the story, give purpose and raise the stakes. Here’s where the internal combustion really happens that drives your story forward with meaningful, compelling drama. (Note about the brainstorming: Each writer’s story and personal writing approach is different in complexity and vision, so the nature of each individual brainstorming pattern and completion is different.) You’ll learn about:

  • The first decision that changes your protagonist’s life
  • Premise and how it focuses conflict and characters
  • Mini-epiphanies of the pivotal scenes
  • The scenes to set up the turning points
  • Using character dynamics to compel your story
  • The visceral connection from the plot to the subplot

Laura has over two decades of experience as a writer, teacher and coach. Her national award nominations include the National Reader’s Choice and the RITA. Students have said: “I now know what’s been missing from this story. I finally ‘feel’ the layers and the textures and the plot is no longer contrived. I’m so excited! I’m diggin in, writing my little brain out!”

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